Does my small local business really need a website?

More and more Americans are shopping online.  This trend shows no signs of slowing down.  As younger generations who were practically born with smartphones in their hands begin to enter the workforce, start families, and spend the most money it is clear that the future is online, and the future is already here.
“But my business depends on personal interaction”, or “Most of my customers come from word of mouth”.  These may be valid points for your particular business but there are still huge opportunities you may be missing out on from the enormous amount of people who research online before deciding which business to use or those who don’t have someone to refer them to you.
Every business may not need an elaborate website, this much is true.  But no one is searching for your business in the yellow pages.  They are searching the web (and more frequently just asking their phone or web appliance) to “find X local business in my area.  Every business needs a home on the web to be successful and make a profit.

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